The North is a magazine about outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest. The magazine targets individuals, ages 27–43, who are passionate about nature and outdoor sports. The North is filled cover-to-cover with articles, tips, and inspiration for backpacking, camping, mountaineering, and anything else a nature lover can’t resist.


CLIENT                        DATE
The North                   November 2016

CATEGORY                 TYPEFACES
Editorial                      Surveyor
Typography                Futura


To inspire new readers and subscribers, The North is filled with striking images of nature in solitude. To differentiate from other magazines in the space, the articles and ads are geared toward the more extreme and experienced adventurers. Color was used sparingly to allow the beautiful and striking images to stand out on their own. A twelve column grid system was used for layout flexibility and sustainability. Futura was used for headings for its clean and stark geometry, paired with Surveyor for body text for its readability and sophisticated style.