Caisleán is a traditional Irish whiskey brand with handcrafted, rustic charm. Caisleán pays homage to the past and its family heritage by sticking to traditional production techniques. Part of what makes Caisleán special is their commitment to preserve the history of Ireland by giving a percentage of profits to the restoration of centuries-old castles in the country. Caisleán needed a packaging system that encompassed all of the historic attributes of the brand while still standing out from their key competitors.


CLIENT                        DATE
Caisleán                      November 2017

CATEGORY                 TYPEFACES
Packaging                   ITC Quarum
Branding                     Museo Sans Condensed


I designed a flexible packaging system that could be used for Caisleán’s different whiskey varieties. I created a refined typographic logo to give the brand a premium feel. Each bottle features a detailed illustration of a specific castle in the style of old cross-hatched drawings. To represent the handcrafted element of the brand the bottles are sealed with wooden caps and wrapped with rope, referencing the old process of delivering the bottles in ships. I used ITC Quarum for its old-world charm and Museo Sans Condensed for smaller copy in order to cleanly fit all the vital information onto the packaging.