Crave is a casual diner-style restaurant in Downtown San Diego that serves food 24 hours a day. The restaurant serves great tasting food within a budget-friendly price range. Crave’s target audience is split between their primary audience of family diners and their secondary audience of late-night diners. Crave needed an easy to execute branding system that matched their rugged personality, that also easily appealed to both of their target audiences.


CLIENT                        DATE
Crave                          September 2016

CATEGORY                 TYPEFACES
Branding                    Sweet Sans


Crave’s bold typographic logo is encased in a diamond shape, which gives it a subtle vintage quality. Hand-illustrated food icons were created in a style that was playful enough to mesh with the brands edgy persona. An easy to read menu and stationery system was created using kraft paper that uses the illustrated icons as a pattern. The dark red brand color was chosen for its bold, rugged look and for its ability to stimulate hunger.