Stephen King is an award-winning author best known for his horror and supernatural fiction novels. One of King’s publishers, Viking Publishing, wanted to create a special collection of three of King’s most popular books: The Mist, Carrie, and The Shining. The book covers needed to be striking and elude to the plot, while being cohesive as a collection. The collection would target Stephen King enthusiasts ages 33–50.


CLIENT                        DATE
Viking Publishing       March 2018

CATEGORY                 TYPEFACES
Illustration                  Futura / Hand-Lettered


To embody the horrific plots of the novels, I designed the covers using vector illustrations layered with grungy textures that added richness and depth. I used a monochromatic color palette for each cover, giving them a stark and eerie mood. I created hand-lettered, distressed type for each book title, which lined up with the background of each illustration.