Pow! Wow! started as a week-long event in Hawaii that brings art and culture from all over the world and celebrates it in one city. This event has grown into an international network of artists who spread the tradition to cities worldwide. Pow! Wow!’s next event was a festival located in downtown Seattle. They needed a system to convey important information, including art mural locations, a schedule of events, and artist information.


CLIENT                        DATE
Pow! Wow!                 October 2016

CATEGORY                 TYPEFACES
Layout                        Museo Sans Rounded


To help Pow! Wow! make information about the event more accessible to participants and viewers, I created a simple app. The app features a map and directions to current murals in the area, a schedule for the current festival, and bio information about each artist. Playing off the idea of a global force of artists coming together, I created a poster made from a sea of illustrated spray paint cans. I used Museo Sans Rounded for its quirky approachability. The 24” x 36” poster was printed on both sides, with infographics and a schedule on the back.