Apex is a monthly subscription box service for urban exercise gear. The name Apex means the highest point both literally and figuratively; this represents the brand’s desire to help their customers achieve their personal fitness goals. Apex needed a branding system that was flexible and reflective of their bright and simple brand. They also needed an easy to use website and flexible packaging system that would appeal to their target audience of young professionals, ages 22–38.


CLIENT                        DATE
Apex                            February 2018

CATEGORY                 TYPEFACES
Packaging                   DIN
Branding                     DIN Next


I designed a logotype for Apex that was both simple and reliable. The diagonal spaces cut in the letters of the logo reflect speed and movement. To help give the brand flexibility, I created a system of patterns using diagonal lines based off the logo. This system could be used in a variety of ways, with a playful, yet clean icon scheme that was used for product identification and as a pattern on the subscription boxes. A simple and refined website was created as well as a flexible packaging system. I used the DIN font family to represent the sophisticated urban feel of the brand.